Due to some disaster, creatures that lived under the deep down gets mutated. You'll encounter these creatures in your journey.

 Your job is to clear the deep down from every last threat and protect us.

There are few pillar like structures situated underneath the Deep-Down. You must destroy and remove it before it's too late.


WASD & Arrow keys for movements

Mouse control for weapons to fire


  1. Try not to idling yourself.
  2. Clear the level by destroying the pillar like structure.
  3.  Always try to get health pearls while you hurt.

Puffers, It’s not a bug they usually spawns at you when player stops at any position for 2 or more seconds. They can not be killed by anyhow, you can only get rid of them by maintaining a distance and keep moving.

Game by :  Ritesh & Alekh
All game assets (graphics, codes and sounds) that are used in this game are created by us.


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Great Game idea...

Thanks Shem

yow still waiting for the game proposal.

We are ready for it it but the problem is that we discussed on mail

Which social platform can we talk?

we actually had talk on discord

about the unity version.

PS you are not that online in discord